woolworths本周最新打折图表 11月17日—11月23日!!!

Sensodyne 牙膏半价

Olay 护肤品半价

Berocca Performance Tablets pk 45 半价

Kettle Chips 150-175g 薯片半价

Don Sliced Meats 180-250g – From the Fridge Ham半价
Mars Celebrations 320g, Maltesers or Maltesers Dark 360-400g Gift Box 巧克力半价

Bulla Everyday Multipacks 600-768ml Pk 8-14 – From the Freezer 雪糕半价

MasterFoods Tomato or Barbecue Sauce 475-500ml 番茄酱

Uncle Tobys Plus 690-820g or Milo Cereal 700g 麦片半价